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ELP Curriculum

The children in the ELP follow a highly differentiated and modified National Curriculum, so that each child’s individual needs are met. The professionals work closely together to ensure focused and specific targets are set to meet the child’s language and educational needs. Each child has their specific needs identified and planned for in their Personal Education Plan.

Within the ELP, opportunities to develop attention, listening and speaking skills are prioritised and incorporated throughout the curriculum.

The children’s understanding and use of language is further supported through signing and cued- articulation. Shape Coding is also used when appropriate and helps to develop the children’s grammar and spoken and written language.

Our curriculum is underpinned by our Trust's values:



ELP Curriculum

Document Title Date Download
ELP English Coverage and rationale 05th Oct 2023 Download
ELP Maths Coverage and rationale 05th Oct 2023 Download
ELP wider curriculum rationale 13th Oct 2023 Download