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At Applegarth Academy, we place the children’s personal development and well-being at the heart of everything we do. From Pupil Parliament led assemblies, buddy systems on the playground to Philosophy for Children sessions that encourage deeper thinking and discussions within a safe and understanding environment. Alongside doing this in our day-to-day practice, we deliver a curriculum that empowers children to feel confident to make their own choices and to use their voice for purpose to celebrate the uniqueness we all have within us. Topics covered range from e-safety, stranger danger, mental health and understanding and celebrating cultural diversities. We are a Rights Respecting school, which enables our children to feel valued, heard and respected by peers, staff and visitors. With this, responsibilities and consequences are explored for our children to see how one action, whether this is verbal or not, can effect another. Applegarth thrives because our children support, celebrate and collaborate with one another in all aspects of the school day.


Children's knowledge and abilities advance throughout their time at Applegarth Academy because of our ambitious, incorporated, and meticulously planned Religious Education programme. Children increase their knowledge by in-depth study, of the six major world religions: Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, and Judaism. Additionally, they get the opportunities to delve deeper into ideas like pilgrimage as well as other concepts like signs, symbols, and particular locations. The use of our children’s past knowledge is encouraged in order for them to have in-depth conversations and start to comprehend both the religious and non-religious traditions that exist in Britain. With this knowledge, children can start to understand our complex multi-religious world. At Applegarth, children are urged to think critically about what they have learned and to ask questions to support and develop their understanding.


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