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At Applegarth we aim to ensure that children are fully immersed in the French language and have various opportunities to practice their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Making sure each unit aims to build on the knowledge and skills from the previous, corresponding to our building blocks approach.

At Applegarth Academy, we believe children should be taught an additional language starting from Reception right through to Year 6. We aim to encourage our pupil’s interests about the world and various cultures through the study of different languages.

To begin with; the children are exposed to fundamental vocabulary associated with various subjects and themes. Before tying this together with spellings and meanings. Children are taught linguistic patterns and sounds through various activities such as songs, repetition and rhyme.

As they progress through school, we want the children to speak French more confidently and fluently, participating in conversations, and expressing their ideas and opinions. They also improve their proficiency in reading and writing French words and short sentences.

As the children move into Year 6, we aim for our children to take part in and initiate conversations, eliciting and expressing opinions with greater spontaneity and fluency using familiar questions. By the time our children leave Applegarth Academy, they will be able to listen, read and show understanding of more complex sentences and short paragraphs containing familiar and unfamiliar words.


Subject Documents Date  
Applegarth French Overview 08th Oct 2023 Download
French skills progression 08th Oct 2023 Download